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APTA helps educators empower the next generations of PTs and PTAs.

Students depend on well-prepared and skilled educators to guide them through their academic program.

APTA helps educators empower the next generations of PTs and PTAs.

Connect with your colleagues. Explore engagement and networking opportunities with the Academy of Physical Therapy Education and the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy.

Recommended Content

Fellowship in Education Leadership

Apr 1, 2020

Formerly known as the Education Leadership Institute (ELI) Fellowship, this fellowship helps to develop leaders in education.

Academic Faculty Development

Jan 1, 2020 / Article

Clinical Educator Development

May 6, 2020

Clinical Educator Development is intended for health care providers who work primarily in a clinical setting and are interested in developing their teaching abilities.

Curriculum Resources for Educators

Jun 15, 2018

The following resources are provided to facilitate physical therapist and physical therapist assistant academic program curriculum development, review, and enhancement.

Assessments in Physical Therapy Education

Sep 27, 2018

Access assessments for physical therapy education programs.

Additional For Educators Content

Patient Protections

Mar 1, 2020 / Article

What are the federal expectations for providers when it comes to non-discrimination, disability access, and the rights of patients with limited English proficiency?

CAPTE-Accredited PT and PTA Programs

Jan 1, 2018 / Article

CAPTE publishes the official list of accredited programs. CAPTE does not rank programs.

Core Competencies of a Physical Therapist Resident

Jan 15, 2020 / Resource

Access core competencies expected of a physical therapist resident upon graduation from the program.

APTA Academy of Physical Therapy Education

Jan 1, 2018 / Article

The academy’s mission is to inspire all PTs and PTAs in their roles as educators and to enhance the development and implementation of evidence-based education practices.

Small-Scale Study Finds Large-Scale Debt Among Recent DPT Grads

Dec 31, 2019 / Review

A limited study finds high debt-to-income ratios among PTs -- higher than newly minted family medicine physicians and veterinarians.

Clinical Site Information Form

Jun 11, 2020 / Website

APTA's CSIF Web transforms a static document to a dynamic online survey, complete with tools to help education programs analyze and validate data.

Residency and Fellowship Education

Jan 1, 2018 / Website

Explore residency and fellowship opportunities through ABPTRFE.

Curriculum Resources by Topic

Nov 1, 2019 / Article

These resources are provided to facilitate academic program curriculum development, review, and enhancement.

The Fix Was On

Aug 1, 2019 / Column

A career was shaped by the desire to make things better.

Valued-Based Behaviors of the PTA

Jun 10, 2020 / Article

Review valued-based behaviors and guidelines for phsysical therapist assistants.

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