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APTA supports you across your career journey, connecting you to your #PTFam and helping you achieve your goals.

Students are the future of the physical therapy profession and a dynamic part of the APTA community.

APTA student members receive a special monthly newsletter in addition to numerous other benefits. And if you’re a member at graduation, you’ll save on APTA dues as you start your career.

We offer numerous opportunities for you to get involved, and we provide resources to support you now and into your career.

Recommended Content

Student Leadership and Representation

May 25, 2020

Student members have a voice in their association.

Financial Management

Jun 06, 2020

From long-term planning to student loan refinancing, we have resources to assist your financial management.

Scholarships and Awards for Students

Jan 01, 2020 / Article

Student Involvement

Jan 01, 2020 / Article

Additional For Students Content

Being Myself

Jun 25, 2020 / Perspective

Being yourself means that you love who you are, you respect who you are, and you don’t let other people define who you are.

Student Spotlight: American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy

Jun 23, 2020 / Open Access

Each month we will highlight one of the 18 APTA sections, giving information on the specialty, involvement opportunities, and even sharing an experience from a current member.

Facing COVID-19 as a Student Physical Therapist

Jun 22, 2020 / Perspective

I realized that the anxieties I had are probably shared among all health care professionals, but this is just a part of life as a health care worker.

Fostering Allyship in DEI - Part 1

Jun 18, 2020 / Article

Guests discuss their experiences as racial and ethnic minorities in the profession.

Prepping for the NPTE

Jun 03, 2020 / Article

Scott Giles, PT, DPT, wants to make sure that you're not only prepared to take the NPTE, but you're over prepared.

Giving Back During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jun 05, 2020 / Perspective

Anything that you can do, big or small, to help those in need can make a positive impact.

A School Teacher

Jun 05, 2020 / Perspective

I made a list of all the things I wanted out of a career. It summed up to be making a difference in people's lives.

Impact of Student Debt on the Physical Therapy Profession

Jun 08, 2020 / Report

The report includes recommendations, as well as a summary of actions APTA has been taking to address the problem.

The Look

Jun 05, 2020 / Perspective

"The look" comes from a poor understanding of those who are different from us.

PT Student for 2 Years, an APTA Member for 4 Years

Jun 05, 2020 / Perspective

When it comes to my experience with the American Physical Therapy Association, one of the first words that comes to my mind is "unusual."

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