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Raising awareness around increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the physical therapy profession is crucial, but that awareness must lead to action. APTA is charting the course for change — and making that change happen.

Now available: the APTA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan, an overview of the steps the association and the profession can take to build a culture of belongingness in APTA. The plan is rooted on three primary areas of action that will help advance DEI in three major areas: allyship and advocacy, leadership and growth, and conscious inclusion.

The areas of action are framed in terms of three broad goals aimed at increasing diversity in APTA volunteer positions, developing potential leaders from historically marginalized communities through a leadership training academy, and collaborating with partners inside and outside the profession to create more opportunities for education, engagement, and action.

"This is a framework for us to act on our words," the plan states. "This inaugural plan outlines the necessary actions and best practices to help us live our shared vision of a more equitable and inclusive organization and profession."

APTA Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Carmen Elliott said that the plan is the product of APTA's ongoing efforts to better understand the profession's DEI journey and to develop an approach that can adapt to new challenges along the way.

"This action plan can be traced back to the commitment APTA made to reignite our passion for DEI in 2016, and on through a DEI working group and, ultimately, a standing committee focused on DEI, all of which informed the strategy shared here, as well as previous work over the years," Elliott said. "At the same time, we understand that the DEI landscape is evolving, so we see this plan as something that will evolve as well to respond to new knowledge and changing factors."

The action plan is the latest addition to a suite of resources on DEI at, , which includes a toolkit, infographic, and six-part course offering a certificate in DEI.

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