Point of Care Technology for the Physical Therapist


Created through a partnership between APTA and Cedaron Medical Inc, APTA CONNECT is a point-of-care, computerized patient record system designed specifically for physical therapists. Although it was originally designed for PTs, it also contains specialized documentation for other health care professionals.

APTA CONNECT matches your workflow, your experience, and your training to seamlessly document all patient/client management and facilitate quick, accurate, and easy communication with other health care providers and payers. (This includes specialized tools for Medicare PQRI documentation.)

APTA CONNECT allows you to become part of a national outcomes database that you can use in your practice. This partnership is a part of APTA's mission to develop a national outcomes database that will assist the profession in determining effectiveness of physical therapist practice.

Read about APTA CONNECT in action (from PT Magazine: October 2006).

What Does APTA CONNECT Include?

CONNECT includes a scheduler, patient registration and demographics; examinations that include preformatted templates for each body area and system, a plan of care, and treatment programs. The system also produces correspondence to physicians and payers that is extracted from your patient record, so there will be no need to re-enter data. In addition, it performs charge captures and communicates with your existing billing system.

APTA CONNECT offers the ultimate end-user flexibility. Workflow and each pre-formatted template can be customized down to the level of the individual user onsite and saved as your own forms.


Private practices, hospitals, and educational institutions are using APTA CONNECT as their point-of-care, computerized patient record system.

What Kind of Reports Can I Generate?

APTA CONNECT offers useful reports to track patient progress, practice management trends, referral, and resource utilization. Any data, be it initial patient registration or follow-up appointment, needs to be entered only once, regardless of the number of users. With APTA CONNECT, you can compare your performance from different time periods or benchmark your clinicians with each other. If you want an administrative report that is not currently available in APTA CONNECT, you can create it onsite and save it to meet your exact needs.

How Will APTA CONNECT Link to the Outcomes Database?

APTA CONNECT is the mechanism that builds the first national outcomes database for physical therapy devoted solely to the concerns of physical therapists, their patients, and payers. Although you will be able to choose from an array of standardized instruments that come with APTA CONNECT, such as the Oswestry, Berg Balance, etc., you also will have access to APTA's latest clinical outcomes instrument, OPTIMAL. APTA's Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire is also part of the outcomes segment of APTA CONNECT.

What Other Tools Are Available Through APTA CONNECT?

The power of APTA resources is at your fingertips through APTA CONNECT. The Guide for Physical Therapist Practice, the Catalog of Tests and Measures, and Hooked on Evidence are also linked to the APTA CONNECT software, giving you the ability to have ready access to the research literature on tests and measures and intervention effectiveness.

How was Cedaron Medical Chosen?

Cedaron Medical Inc, was selected following a rigorous review process. More than 100 vendors were sent a "Prospectus for Partnership" for the project. A review panel was established that represented the APTA Board of Directors, clinicians, businesspeople, and APTA staff. The review process included onsite presentations to the review panel and selected visits to clinical installations and vendor headquarters.

How Do I Get More Information?

Contact Cedaron Medical Inc via the Web, or at PO Box 2100, Davis, CA 95617. Telephone: 800/424-1007 or 530/758-7007.

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