• Thank you to the many who donated and volunteered in Orlando!

    APTA members and staff donated more than 737 shoes and many, many socks to Devereux Foster Care program in Florida last Saturday, June 30. Check out stories and pictures below.

    Donations came from APTA's CSM Step Challenge where CSM attendees, APTA members and staff raised $10,000 by walking 100 million steps in 3 days. Then APTA members and staff collected monetary donations, shoes and socks to bring to Devereux Foster Care in Florida.  As part of the step challenge, each member wrote a special note on a shoe cut-out (sponsored by CORA Physical Therapy) which were presented to each child and youth during the shoe fittings.

    A word from Devereux Foster Care Organization: "Thanks again for making such a memorable experience
    for all of our youth! Each of them truly felt loved on and were so excited to have a brand new
    pair of shoes - something that is very rare for all of them. You made a difference in the lives of
    hundreds of kids this past Saturday - and for many more days to come! 

    Shoes for Kids NEXT 2018
    38 Shoes4Kids Volunteers
    (APTA members and students and faculty from University of Central Florida)


    Shoes for Kids NEXT 2018 Sorting
    S4K volunteers hard at work sorting the hundreds of shoes.


    Shoes for Kids NEXT 2018 Sorting 02
    Shoe bins being prepped for the shoe fitting.


    Shoes for Kids NEXT 2018 Putting on New Shoes
    This teen came into the gym and was so embarrassed by the state of his shoes that he hid them shoes under the chair.
    They were way too small and extremely worn (see how the top of the shoe runs outside of the
    sole). It was only by ALOT of coaxing that we were able to get this before and after shoe shot. 


    Shoes for Kids NEXT 2018 Tan Shoe Story
    A young man came into the gym with his eyes set on the tan high tops. They were a little
    too tight but he held onto them, determined to make them work. When a volunteer approached him
    with another pair of high tops that were a little larger (allowing room for growth) he reluctantly agreed to try them on.
    When this boy noticed another young man eyeing these tan high tops he walked over to him and gave them to him - giving up something to make someone else feel good.
    There were smiles and tears all around. 


    Shoes for Kids NEXT 2018 Toes
    This young man came in wearing shoes where his toe was pushing outside of
    the shoes (see red-circled spot above). He broke into the largest grin
    after getting SHAQ tennis shoes that fit. 


    Shoes for Kids NEXT 2018 Volunteers With Kids
    Happy Feet (S4K volunteers with newly "shoe'd" recipients.


    Shoes for Kids NEXT 2018 Devereux Family
    This group of feet belongs to 1 foster family. Their dad coordinated the photo
    to demonstrate their gratitude for the shoes donated to each child!


    About Shoes4Kids

    Shoes4Kids, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization consisting of local businesses, churches, community organizations partnering together to provide new athletic shoes and mentoring programs for fatherless and at risk children and their families. Through ongoing mentoring programs Shoes4Kids builds close-knit relationships where each party is intricately connected to one another. Shoes4Kids has been designed to Create a 'Safety Net' for children who might otherwise 'Fall through the cracks' of existing programs.

    Shoes4Kids/NEXT 2018 will be helping this Orlando, FL agency:
    Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Florida.
    Devereux Florida is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization;
    DOACS #: CH 1988. Devereux's Federal Identification Number (FIN) is 23-1390618.

    About Devereux Florida: For over 25 years Devereux Florida, a part of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, has provided child welfare and behavioral healthcare services in Florida, serving children with mental health issues, intellectual/developmental disabilities, and behavioral health challenges, and their families. The following are services that Devereux offers the Orlando Community; Group Homes, Foster Care and Specialty Foster Care, Counseling Centers, Case Management, Abuse and Neglect Prevention Services, and Community Outreach Programs.

    The Devereux Foster Care program in the Central Florida area is responsible for licensing over 175 foster homes in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties and caring for over 300 foster children placed in these homes. The Devereux Orange County Dependency Case Management Organization oversees over 400 children involved in the child welfare system of care, whether the children are in foster homes, group homes, or placed with relative caregivers.


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