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Becoming a Student Leader

May 31, 2017/Article

The 2016-2017 student board wants to give you an inside look at student leadership

The PT/PTA Billing Dynamics

Jul 26, 2018/Perspective

The provision and billing of services when provided by a PT-PTA team is complex.

My PT Elevator Pitch

Sep 26, 2018/Perspective

Any PT or PTA student would respond to all of these scenarios the same way I did: "Have you considered physical therapy?"

Empathy and Emotions in the Workplace: July #XchangeSA Chat

Aug 14, 2017/Article

During the July APTA Student Assembly #XchangeSA chat we talked about empathy and emotions in the workplace with physical therapist and mental health expert Daphne Scott, PT, DSc, MS. Watch the full discussion here or listen to the podcast version.  Join us for the August #XchangeSA chat Sunday, August

Bridging The Gap Between PT & Strength & Conditioning: September #XchangeSA Chat

Sep 11, 2017/Article

We talked about physical therapists role in the world of strength and conditioning with Zach Long, PT, DPT.

APTA Part of the Effort to Save Rural Hospitals

Oct 11, 2017/News

Hospitals that serve rural areas are disappearing. APTA is supporting efforts to stop and even reverse that trend.

APTA Report: Use of Direct Access Among PTs Is Widespread, but Barriers Need to Be Addressed

Oct 19, 2017/News

Most of the use is occurring in private and hospital-based outpatient clinics and group practices.

Just Taking a Walk Can Extend Your Life, Say Researchers

Oct 29, 2017/Review

Researchers found that even a small amount of walking had an impact on health.

Review: Sport Specialization at an Early Age Can Increase Injury Risk

Nov 13, 2017/Review

Parents and coaches need to be educated on the risks and signs of overuse injuries common in children who specialize in a single sport at a young age, say authors of a recent research review published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. Surgery, they concur, should not be the first-line treatment

Study: For Individuals With Knee OA, 3 Tests Can Predict Ability to Walk 6k Steps a Day

Nov 7, 2017/Review

Referral to rehabilitation may be of benefit to those with or at risk of knee OA not meeting one or more of these physical function thresholds.

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Self-Measured Arm Circumference in Women With Breast Cancer Is Reliable and Valid

Oct 3, 2018/Measurement