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  • BuzzFeed Features Physical Therapy 'Success Stories'

    How about a little good news? Specifically, how about a little good news from patients who credit physical therapy and their physical therapists (PTs) for transforming their lives?

    Recently, BuzzFeed published "9 Physical Therapy Success Stories That'll Make You Choke Up A Bit," a collection of first-person accounts from patients who faced a range of issues including spine facture, labrum tears, recovery from a coma, and interstitial cystitis. The reason for the project, according to BuzzFeed, was to "inspire others who are currently recovering from pain, injuries, surgery, or other problems."

    A few choice quotes from contributors:

    "Thanks to physical therapy, I am now able to postpone [knee] surgery for at least 5 years without risking harm. Even though it may be hard, physical therapy is worth it in the end."

    "It was difficult and scary, but I can honestly say physical therapy saved my life."

    "My advice to all of you is to listen to your PT and trust them."

    "Once specific thing: PTs and [occupational therapists] need more recognition and props. They have to work really hard to get some of us back to some sort of norm."

    "I owe [my physical therapist] my mobility and my life without pain."


    • Please vote to keep the exception process or repeal the therapy cap all together. My patients are at the hard cap or approaching and will need to pay out of pocket for therapy or stop therapy. These are frail seniors that are at risk of falling!!

      Posted by Daniel sheehy on 2/6/2018 3:30 PM

    • These stories are awesome! Thank you to these people for sharing so openly!

      Posted by Jacquie on 2/8/2018 1:05 PM

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