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  • Help Improve the Contents of PTNow—And Your Wallet

    Members can help shape an important PT web portal—and earn $50 doing it.

    APTA is in search of physical therapists willing to participate in a 1-hour phone interview that will help us improve PTNow, the clinician web portal that provides physical therapists with evidence-based resources for day-to-day practice. The interviews will inform a survey now in development and will be conducted by a research firm working with APTA.

    Interested APTA members need to complete a 5-minute survey that will determine eligibility to participate in the phone interviews. Qualified participants will receive $50 for their participation. Share your insights to refine PTNow and help make an impact on practice!

    The deadline for completing the online survey is October 10.

    PT and PTA Students Take up the Marquette Challenge

    Physical therapy students across the country are getting ready to take part in an annual grassroots fundraising event that has gathered more than $2.5 million for the Foundation for Physical Therapy and helped to reinforce the strong connection that already exists between physical therapy programs and physical therapy research.

    The Foundation is inviting all physical therapist (PT) and physical therapist assistant (PTA) students to take part in the Miami – Marquette Challenge beginning later this month and continuing through April 2014. The program encourages students to develop creative ways to raise funds locally and awards prizes to the top earners. All participating schools will be recognized in several national publications, and the winning school gets the honor of cohosting next year's challenge. The program has become the foundation’s largest fundraising event.

    Here's the best part: it’s easy to get involved, even if it’s your first time. The foundation has created a "Get on the List" initiative to encourage new participants and maintains a site dedicated to details about how to get your school’s team up and running.

    Unpreparedness Can Be Disastrous for PTs

    Physical therapists don't need much more than a news broadcast to understand that disaster strikes nearly every day. It can be less easy to grasp the idea that the next flood, fire, or weather event could hit their own practices, and downright overwhelming to think about how to prepare. The latest issue of APTA's PT in Motion magazine can help.

    In her article "Before Disaster Strikes," APTA Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist Deborah Crandall, JD, makes the compelling case that when it comes to disaster planning, there's no time like the present. To get PTs started, she offers advice and tips that range far beyond the typical "back up your data" admonitions.

    In addition to ideas on how to create and implement a preparedness plan, the article also includes advice on what to do after a disaster—a time when it can be difficult to be calm and pragmatic. Tips in this area touch on making insurance contacts, tracking losses, salvaging equipment, and maintaining communication with staff and patients/clients.

    The complete article can be found in print and online, and is available free to APTA members.