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Direct mail continues to be one of the most effective and economical ways to reach prospects with your catalogs, flyers, samples, surveys, or personalized letters.

APTA has the largest, most accurate, and most current mailing list of physical therapy professionals available. 

Our 100,000 member list* of physical therapy professionals and students can be customized for you to include any of the following market segments: member type (PTs, PTAs, Students PT and PTA); special interest area (acute care, sports, orthopedics, etc); practice setting (hospital, rehab center, private practice, etc); or geographic location (state, ZIP code) or ABPTS Specialist Certifications.  See the List Rental Order Form for more details.

*List may not contain every APTA member as some members choose to opt-out of receiving third-party direct mail solicitations.

Why Should I Rent APTA's Mailing List?

APTA members are dedicated professionals who have made the commitment to belong to their association and actively engage in the profession. They have committed to lifelong learning, attending conferences, workshops, and courses; subscribing to journals; and buying educational materials, textbooks, software, and equipment.

APTA students are preparing themselves for their future careers by learning about products and services that will help them not only during their education but once they begin their professional lives.

Take Advantage of Selected Targets

You can fine-tune your marketing strategies and improve response by narrowing your audience via special interest, practice setting, or geographic location selects.

No Wasted Efforts on Outdated Names

APTA updates its membership database daily, so your bad address rate is minimal. Our guaranteed margin of error for returned labels is only 5%.

Let Us Help You Meet Specific Needs

Contact APTA List Rental Services today to find out how we can tailor lists for you that will give you the best response possible, while allowing you to stay within your budget.

Ordering Information

The options include member lists and institution lists. Member lists include names and mailing addresses of APTA members to either a business or home address based on the members' preference. Institution lists include addresses of PT/PTA accredited educational programs (addressed to "Program Director"). APTA does not offer telephone, fax numbers, or e-mail addresses per APTA policy.

Orders will not be processed without:

APTA reserves the right to reject any direct mailing piece.

First-time customers must pay in advance. You may pay by credit card or request an invoice. Payment must be received within 30 days of invoice date. A signed purchase order must accompany all requests for billing. All balances that are past due will require payment in full before new orders are accepted.


All orders are charged a $25 processing fee. Minimum order 1,000 names.

First 1,000 names* $239
+ 1,001-7,000 names
(per 1,000)
+ 1,000 for 7,001-25,000 names
(per 1,000)
+ 1,000 for 25,001+
(per 1,000)
*APTA Member Price $179
Full PT Mailing List
(approx. 58,000 names)

Other Pricing Information

  • Virginia residents add 5% state sales tax.
  • Discounts are available to all recognized list (A recognized broker is defined as a company whose sole activity is to purchase mailing lists for their active clients.)


Lists are rented for one-time use only and will be delivered in Excel format. APTA takes appropriate precautions to detect unauthorized use. Any reuse, reproduction, redistribution, or recording of the information provided on a list is prohibited and subject to the penalties defined in the Rental Agreement.

Contact Information

APTA List Rental Services
Fax: (703) 684-7343