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The Margaret L. Moore Award for Outstanding New Academic Faculty Member is for a physical therapist or individual not eligible for APTA membership who has been actively engaged in formal physical therapy education for a period of 2 to 5 years via full-time academic appointment. Nominees for the Margaret L. Moore Award must demonstrate distinct expertise and knowledge through scholarly activities, teaching excellence, and commitment to the physical therapy profession.

Eligibility Requirements

Nominees must:

  • Be physical therapists or individuals not eligible for APTA membership who, from the starting date of their first academic appointment as core faculty until the time of nomination (December 1), have been actively engaged in teaching physical therapist (professional or postprofessional) or physical therapist assistant students for at least 2, but not more than 5 years.
  • Have a full-time academic faculty appointment of any rank.
  • Be employed in an academic setting within 1 or more accredited physical therapy education programs or an advanced level program for physical therapists, from which students earn an academic degree.
  • Possess distinct expertise in at least 1 subject area to which research and teaching efforts have been directed.
  • Have demonstrated the following: Distinct expertise in at least one subject area to which research and teaching efforts have been directed; past, current, and potential contributions to scholarly activities; teaching excellence in the academic setting; and commitment to service to the institution and to the profession.

Note: Teaching solely as a component of continuing education does not constitute eligibility for this award.

What Recipients Receive

An award and monetary award of $1,500 will be presented to the recipient by APTA's Board of Directors at an APTA national event and an official announcement will appear in an association publication.

Submission Requirements

During the online process, the following documents will be required for upload:

  • Current curriculum vitae or resume of the nominee
  • A letter of nomination that specifically focuses on the strengths of the nominee in relation to the award criteria and includes descriptions of any previous academic appointments held by the nominee, not to exceed 3 pages
  • 2 letters of support obtained from the following: a physical therapist colleague from the nominee's institution and a current or former student who is representative of an academic level of teaching in which the nominee has been engaged, not to exceed 2 pages each
  • (For self-nominations) A narrative (not to exceed 2 pages) completed by the nominee highlighting specific accomplishments made as a faculty member
  • (For nominators) A direct peer-review of the nominee's teaching ability (not to exceed 2 pages)

Submit a Nomination

The nominations call for the 2022 Honors and Awards program are now closed. Selected recipients will be notified of receipt of the honor or award in May 2022.

Additional Resources

For questions regarding the nomination process or the award, please contact