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The Student Advocacy Challenge is a contest for PT and PTA students and programs to participate in advocacy activities as a first step in career-long advocacy engagement. Programs compete against each other by conducting advocacy activities throughout the year. Students will submit records of their activities on behalf of their school through the Student Advocacy Challenge website or through the APTA Advocacy App.

2024 Student Advocacy Challenge Leaderboard

  1. Marymount University – 196 points
  2. George Washington University – 110 points

As of March 31, 2024. The leaderboard is updated at the end of every month.

Student Advocacy Challenge Form

Eligible Activites and Scoring


Activity Points Maximum Points Per Program
Write an email to your legislators via APTA's Legislative Action Center: 3 points per email 150 or 50 emails
*Have 10 non-students participate in an APTA letter-writing campaign using the APTA Patient Action Center (must list the names of those who took action) 2 points per email 300 or 150 letters
Become a Student Star by contributing $20 to PTPAC 10  
Attend a town hall meeting (virtual or in person) for a legislator 10  
Attend a National Advocacy Dinner (virtual or in person) 10  
Attend a state chapter's legislative day 10  
Participate in Flash Action Strategy 10  
Attend APTA Capitol Hill Day April 14-16, 2024 20  
Attend a state or federal legislative meeting outside of an organized lobby day (only one individual needs to submit per program for each meeting attended) 30 points per meeting 150 or 5 meetings
Give a presentation on APTA advocacy to your program (template presentation/script available) 40  
Host a National Advocacy Dinner (only one individual may submit per program) 50 50 or 1 dinner
Host legislator at your physical therapy program (only one individual may submit per program) 50 50 or 1 hosted
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