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What does the Section on Women's Health have to offer its student members?

  • Complimentary subscription to the Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy
  • The FIRST APTA section to offer a student special interest group (SSIG)
  • FREE SSIG membership to PT and PTA students (and first-year clinicians) who are SoWH members 
  • SoWH SSIG blog, with articles on the latest women’s health-related research and student issues
    - Student leadership opportunities (accepting applications through February 24, 2017)
    - Clinical internship listings across the country
    - Social media toolkit to connect students interested in women's health on different social media platforms
  • Networking opportunities
  • Discounted rates on continuing education courses
  • Research grant awards
  • Student Perspective:
    Michelle Wynne, Student PT, APTASA Secretary: "The Section on Women's Health (SoWH) is the very first section to offer a Student Special Interest Group. This just goes to show how much they value their student members. The SoWH SSIG is run entirely by students across the country who have done an AMAZING job creating resources for students through their blog and many different social media platforms. I joined this section a little late in PT school so I wasn’t able to take advantage of the Clinical Internship listings but this is something that interested students should definitely check out! The SoWH section may be a little smaller than some of the other sections but that just means that leaders are even more accessible and finding a mentor is simply a matter of introducing yourself to the right person. I encourage everyone to join!"

    Julie Jenner, Student PT, SoWH SSIG President: "It's definitely a mutually beneficial relationship between the SSIG and the Section on Women's Health. We support them through promoting membership and awareness, while they support us through scholarships, networking and leadership opportunities. Pelvic physical therapy is growing rapidly! It's important for all PTs to be aware of these practices, even if they don't plan on practicing them exclusively."

    Maggie Delaney, Student PT, SoWH SSIG Assistant Director of Membership: Not only does the Section SSIG provide various professional opportunities for students, but also leadership opportunity! Utilizing a section of the APTA to get students involved is a great way to start student membership early and keep it for many years to come."

    April Lynn, DPT (past SoWH SSIG leader): "If you have any interest in women's health or pelvic therapy, get involved in the SoWH SSIG! You will able to keep up to date on research with our journal and make great networking connections. The SoWH events at the APTA conferences are always fun! This is a growing area and we always enjoy seeing more people enter this speciality of PT.

To learn more check out this video on the SoWH SIG and visit the SoWH website.

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