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APTA’s national awards program has announced the 2017 full list of recipients (.pdf) of recognition for outstanding contributions to the physical therapy profession.

This year, honorees include 15 newly named Catherine Worthingham Fellows as well as 13 recipients of the Lucy Blair Service Award. APTA also will be recognizing award recipients for their excellence across the domains of education, practice, service, publications, research, and academic achievement.

Recipients will be recognized at the Honors and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, June 22, during the 2017 NEXT Conference and Exposition in Boston, Massachusetts, with a reception immediately following the ceremony. The 2018 recipient of the Mary McMillan Lecture Award will also be revealed during the ceremony. Family, friends, colleagues, and conference attendees are encouraged to attend this important event to support and honor these members’ achievements and contributions to the profession.

Nominations for the 2018 Honors and Awards Program will open on September 1, 2017.

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