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"The Good Stuff," is an occasional series that highlights recent, mostly local media coverage of physical therapy and APTA members, with an emphasis on good news and stories of how individual PTs and PTAs are transforming health care and society every day. Enjoy!

PTs and RA: Kimberly Steinbarger, PT, on how physical therapy can help combat rheumatoid arthritis (US News and World Report)

"Why post-injury physical therapy is never optional:" Eric Dube, PT, DPT, a US Ski Team PT, on the importance of careful therapy no matter the severity of injury (Summit County, Colorado, Daily)

What Trump's budget proposal would do to science: Amy Arundale PT, DPT, and Stuart Binder-Macleod, PT, PhD, on the potential effects to research in the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia region (Delaware Online)

Blood flow restriction, unrestricted: Bill Koch PT, DPT, on the prevalence of blood flow restriction therapy, and what the approach can do (KSTP5, St. Paul, Minnesota)

PT students help their community: California State University-Northbridge PT students participated in a community program to help individuals with limb loss find new independence (CSUN Today)

Let me ask you equestrian: Kristine Corn, PT, DPT, on integrating horseback riding into her physical therapy practice (Comstock's magazine)

Physical therapy meets talk radio: Ian Hover PT, MTC, and Bob Oakeson PT, covered a range of topics related to physical therapy on "Successful Aging," a local radio talk show (Glendale, Arizona, Star)

Getting back to exercise—safely: John Gallucci, PT, DPT, on avoiding injury when returning to physical activity (WPIX 11, New York)

A clinic goes to the dogs: Jeremy Trevis, PT, DPT, on the use of therapy dogs during physical therapy sessions (Fox21 News, Duluth, Minnesota)

Inspired to pursue physical therapy: Zach Dochnahl, PT student, on how his military service in Afghanistan inspired him to pursue a career as a PT (Veterans of Foreign Wars "Sport Clips Help a Hero" feature story)

Pelvic floor weakness: Ruth Maher, PT, DPT, PhD, on pelvic floor physical therapy (Cork, Ireland, Irish Examiner)

Rockin' the 'stache: Steve Schwegel, PT, on the "Mustache March 4PD" event he founded to support local police (Alton, Illinois, Riverbender)

No slouch when it comes to posture advice: Karena Wu, PT, on the effectiveness of posture apps and devices (Fox2, St. Louis, Missouri)

The mane point is mobility: Carrie Smith, PT, on her use of horses in physical therapy (Dubois County, Indiana, Herald)

Mansplaining-free zone: Lauren Alpert-Zeunik PT, DPT, on the ways in which women working in sports are underestimated (Northeastern Illinois University Independent)

Helping in Guatemala: Temple University PT students will participate in the annual Hearts in Motion trip (The Temple News)

Dry needling: Joe Donnelly PT, DPT, and Elaine Jones, PT, on the hows and whys of dry needling and the importance of putting the patient first (WABE FM, Atlanta)

Spring fitness advice: Robert Gillanders, PT, DPT, on making changes to exercise routines (Tampa Bay Times)

This painkiller is no better than placebo for sciatica: lead researcher Chris Maher, PT, DPT, on a study that calls the use of pregabalin (commonly known as Lyrica) into question (The Washington Post)

"Sure enough [my PT] started working, she hit on this spot on my back and I could feel the muscle in my head [that was the source of chronic headaches]" – John Moore, a patient who sought physical therapy instead of pain medications for treatment of pain (Nashville Tennessean)

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