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The Foundation for Physical Therapy (Foundation) now is accepting applications for the 2017 Florence P. Kendall Doctoral Scholarships and the 2017 Research Grants.

The grant opportunities include two new offerings: one that focuses on the development of new interventions and another, made possible by APTA, that targets research addressing cost-effectiveness and patient safety.

The Kendall Post-Professional Doctoral Scholarships assist physical therapists and physical therapist assistants with outstanding potential who are in their first year of postprofessional doctoral degree studies. The $5,000 awards are given to meet tuition expenses or academic fees associated with a doctoral program. Application deadline is August 3, 2017, at noon ET.

Grant opportunities include:

  • Magistro Family Foundation Research Grant: $80,000 for a research project investigating physical therapist interventions. A letter of intent is required; applicants will be invited to submit full applications based on content. Letter of intent is due June 1, 2017, at noon ET; full application is due August 3, 2017, at noon.
  • Foundation Research Grant: $40,000 for an investigator-initiated research project by an emerging investigator. Full application due August 3, 2017, at noon ET.
  • Snyder Research Grant (new for 2017): $40,000 available for clinical research projects that investigate services delivered by physical therapists, and the development of new interventions that offer reasonable assurance that they will be clinically relevant and therapeutically effective. Full application is due August 3, 2017, at noon ET.
  • Health Services Research Grant (new for 2017): a single $50,000 grant awarded to support research that examines how patients obtain physical therapy-related health care, how much that care costs, and outcomes, with an emphasis on the most-effective ways to organize, manage, finance, and deliver high-quality physical therapy-related care while potentially reducing medical errors and improving safety for patients. Full application is due August 3, 2017, at noon ET.

Questions? Email the Foundation, or call 800/875-1378.

Note: Eligibility guidelines for several of the grants have changed from previous years (and in some instances, expanded), so please review the criteria. Before starting your funding application, be sure to carefully read all instructions and funding mechanism deadlines. Also, it's a good idea to start the submission process early to allow for potential questions to be answered.

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