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Don't Miss the Boat

In many ways, those of us in the physical therapy profession are like the crew on a ship—a collection of individuals with many different areas of expertise, all of whom are important for keeping the ship operational and moving forward.

You could think of other health professions in the same way—each a crew member of a ship that sails as part of the health care fleet. And to be sure, we have a lot in common with other professions because we sail in the same waters.

But we also have a distinctive set of knowledge, skills, and tools that we use to optimize human movement, promote health and wellness, mitigate the progression of impairments, and to prevent additional disability. Our ship makes it possible to accomplish that goal, and being a crew member makes it easier for us to explain our unique contribution to ourselves and others.

Our ship keeps us moving forward together as we explore new horizons in practice, education, and research. But what is our ship exactly?

I say we're all crew on the SS Movement System. And now it's time to set sail. The Movement System is ready to move, and we need all hands on deck.

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