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When it comes to being a PT, PTA, or student, the challenges (and inspirations) aren't limited to the clinic or classroom. That's a big part of why APTA offers a range of video recordings that bring our community together to talk about everything from mental health to marketing tips.

Our next live online event, "Being Authentic — the LGBTQIA+ PT's Journey," is coming up on June 5, beginning at 7 p.m. ET. This panel discussion, hosted by APTA Student Board of Directors Director of Communications Casey Schlottman, SPT, features Janet Bezner, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA, and Gail Jensen, PT, PhD, FAPTA, and will focus on recent research that investigated the lived experiences of PTs who identify as LGBTQIA+. Don't miss the live presentation and Q&A session. 

And if you can't make it, no worries. APTA archives its online events and makes them available for free to members to watch any time. [Note: the recording of the June 5 event is now available for viewing]

Here are just a few videos from 2022 worth checking out.

Navigating Your Mental Health
This recording of an APTA Social from May offers strategies to navigate your mental health while you’re a student and throughout your career. You’ll discover how to better handle feelings of burnout and stress, how to incporate mindfulness, and more. (75 minutes)

Striving for Financial Wellness
Joseph Reinke, CFA, and founder of Fitbux, offers strategies and answers questions around how you can navigate current financial waters while preparing for the future. (54 minutes)

Find a PT: Connecting Consumers With Physical Therapists
APTA's website receives more than 4 million visits a year, which includes traffic to the "Find a PT" directory. Are you part of Find a PT? If so, are you making the most of it? Check out this short video on the opportunities for making it easy for patients and clients to find you. (1 minute)

Paving the Way for Women in the Profession
APTA was founded by women, so it only makes sense that we'd host a panel discussion on the topics of women’s empowerment and mentorship in the professional setting. Guests shared insight on their professional journeys, ways to seek mentorship and grow your professional network, and steps you can take to advance your career and carve out your professional path. (60 minutes)

Sharing the Profession on Social Media
Social media is everywhere — and so is physical therapy's presence on multiple platforms. This session brings together three PT social media influencers to talk about what they do, how they do it, and why you shouldn't miss out on opportunities to promote yourself and your profession in creative ways. (64 minutes)

Practicing Gratitude Mindfully
Monica Jain, PT, DPT, mindfulness practitioner and author of "Healing the Heart Mindfully," explores gratitude practice for health care providers — the science behind it as well as practical tips for applying gratitude principles to your life, both personal and professional. (35 minutes)

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