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APTA's consumer-focused website gets nearly 4.5 million potential patients, clients, and referral sources each year, and with good reason: It's a unique one-stop shop for valuable, easy-to-understand information on general health, the benefits of physical therapy for specific symptoms and conditions, and how PTs and PTAs can help. It's a great place for consumers to learn — and an even better place to take action, thanks to APTA's Find a PT online directory, which allows visitors to search for member physical therapists in their area. (Make sure you can be found: Sign up for this free Find a PT member benefit, and if you're already in the directory, make sure your profile is up to date).

If you haven't lately, check out the site because APTA regularly adds and revises content to ensure consumers have access to information that reflects the latest and best available evidence. And be sure to recommend the site to your patients and clients, who can find information about physical therapy through:

Here's a roundup of some of the latest additions and updates.

Updated and New Information on Parkinson Disease

In light of APTA's new Parkinson disease clinical practice guideline, our Physical Therapy Guide to Parkinson Disease on offers updated information on the condition: what it is, symptoms, the PT's role in treatment, and more. Also recently added to the site: Parkinson Disease: 9 Things to Know for Better Quality of Life.

Insight on Female Athlete Triad

Increasing attention is being paid to the interplay and combination of imbalances in energy availability, bone mineral density, and the menstrual cycle in female athletes, known as female athlete triad. offers a "what you should know" primer and a more in-depth guide to educate female athletes, parents, and coaches about the condition and explain the ways a PT can help individuals address the triad and prevent related problems.

New Content on Depression and Preparing for Pregnancy

APTA's "Did You Know?" pages explain research findings for the lay audience and provide other information related to prevention, wellness, and the role of physical therapy. The latest addition: a summary of researchers' findings that doing as little as half of the recommended amount of physical activity can lower depression risk compared with engaging in little or no PA. Elsewhere on, visitors can find a new resource — "5 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy."

Special thanks to the ChoosePT Editorial Liaison Network members appointed by APTA’s specialty sections and academies, who review and revise content as well as recruit other subject matter experts to participate. If you are interested in contributing to ChoosePT content, email

Members can extend the reach of the ChoosePT brand to increase public awareness of the value of physical therapy with resources available in the ChoosePT Toolkit, which includes branded handouts, social media graphics, and more.

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