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In recognition of National Physical Therapy Month, APTA is thanking PTs and PTAs in a can't-miss-it way.

It's been a long road for APTA members since the coronavirus pandemic emerged, and for this year's National Physical Therapy Month, APTA is showing its gratitude for PTs and PTAs in a big way — as in "full-page-full-color-New-York-Times-ad" big.

Beginning Oct. 2, the Times will publish a series of three full-page advertisements from APTA thanking PTs and PTAs across the country for the work that they do. Each full-color ad features an image of an individual, with a simple statement of how physical therapy helped them reach their movement goals, and the tagline "Thanks for being there for the moments that move us." The Times also will run targeted digital versions of the ads starting in mid-October.

The ads include a call to action for readers to visit, the association's popular consumer-focused website and home to the Find a PT directory. The entire collection of ads is available for downloading, printing, and sharing in clinics, offices, classrooms, and wherever members want to highlight the transformative work of the profession.

Celebration of the 30th annual National Physical Therapy Month, sponsored in part by HPSO, isn't limited to the Times ads: Visit the National Physical Therapy Month toolkit page at for links to graphics, handouts, postcards, signs, and merch that can help you celebrate and spread the word. Plus, check out APTA's social media channels for inspiration and engagement opportunities throughout the month of October.

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