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"The Good Stuff" is an occasional series that highlights recent media coverage of physical therapy and APTA members, with an emphasis on stories of how individual PTs and PTAs are transforming health care and society every day. Enjoy!

If you don't like fried legs: Raymond Peralta, PT, DPT, discusses the importance of leg stretches as a counter to both sedentary behavior and overtraining. (Women's Health)

Patelling it like it is: Theresa Marko, PT, DPT, offers insights on the causes of knee pain and what can be done to guard against it. (

Students help in pro bono clinic: Melanie Heffington, PT, DPT, talks about what makes the Nate Waters Physical Therapy Clinic's indwelling pro bono clinic special, particularly when it comes to the opportunities it provides to students at Tulsa Community College who volunteer their services. (Channel 6 News, Tulsa, Okla.)

Just do it (like a PT): Karena Wu, PT, DPT, MS, and Shannon Leggett, PT, MPT, talk about the daily habits PTs engage in to aid in healthy aging. (

Making a foam call: Carrie Pagliano PT, DPT, provides her take on foam rollers: how they work, benefits, exercises, and more. (Health Central)

Water you doing for your bladder? Michelle Johnson, PT, DPT, explains why adequate water intake is important to bladder health.(yahoo! News)

A tireless volunteer: Alan Meade, PT, BSPT, DscPT, has been named the newest recipient of the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy's Richard McDougall Long-Term Service Award in recognition of years of service to the profession and patients in Virginia and Tennessee. (The Rogersville, Tennessee, Review)

Flooring it: Nora Arnold, PT, and Erica Michitsch, PT, DPT, share tips for exercises that go beyond Kegels to build pelvic floor muscles. (AARP newsletter)

There's snow better way to prepare: Claire Hsing, PT, DPT, outlines exercises for skiers to reduce risk of injury on the slopes. (5280 magazine)

Quotable: “Therapists are smart individuals. They can educate, they can teach, they can train, and there’s a lot of opportunities for them in a SNF setting.” - Scott Wilson, president and CEO of Elevate Therapy Consulting Group, quoted in an article titled "How Therapy Providers Can Drive SNF Upside and Optimize Reimbursement." (Skilled Nursing News)

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