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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our well-being as health care providers. Feelings of burnout, fatigue, and professional uncertainty are felt across all practice settings and specialties.

APTA Fit for Practice, powered by Hyperice, is designed to help you recover, evolve, and remain resilient as we move forward into a postpandemic workplace.

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Weekly programming started October 2021 through February 2022 and will be delivered online in digestible, self-paced formats, including webinars, podcasts, articles, and courses – some with CEUs. Programming will help you prioritize your health in four areas:

  1. Movement, including strength and mobility.
  2. Resiliency, including mental health and stress management.
  3. Restoration, including sleep and nutrition.
  4. Practice health, including professional development and practice management.

With a busy schedule, exercise can fall to the bottom of your long to-do list. Prioritize self-care through the lens of restorative movement with a focus


Our mental health and stress levels have been difficult to manage during the pandemic, but it’s essential that we take time to engage in self-reflection


High-quality sleep and nutrition are essential for restoration of mind and body. Get up to speed on best practices for healthy sleep and nutrition. Just

Practice Health

Postpandemic life has presented us both challenges and opportunities. Take time to fortify your practice health with education and resources designed to

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