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This annual student-led campaign unites the APTA community through advocacy.

Students are the future of our profession, but they are even more of a meaningful voice in our advocacy efforts right now.

Led by PT and PTA students, the Flash Action Strategy rallies our community around important issues affecting our profession and the people we treat.

This year's event, Sept. 15 and 16, was designed to generate contributions to PT-PAC, which uses your donations to support and influence federal legislators in order to advance and protect APTA’s priorities.

Thanks to YOUR efforts, we raised $3,312 for PT-PAC.

Learn More About PT-PAC

  1. Read the Five Things You Need to Know About PT-PAC, a brief article that provides you with some key facts about APTA's politicial action committee.
  2. Learn about issues that impact you now. Read "Why Should Students Support PT-PAC?", that explores these issues and shares why your support matters.
  3. Support PT-PAC through a monetary contribution as an investment in your future in the profession. Every dollar counts, no amount is too small. See how how we're doing.  

Stay tuned for dates for next year's Flash Action Strategy! Dates will be posted in late summer 2021.

Bridget Nolan, SPT
Bridget Nolan, SPT

"Legislation being made today will impact all of us. PT-PAC is fighting for me, my colleagues, and my profession."