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"Archives." The very word sounds old and dusty, like there will be a lot of scrolls involved, and giant books on chains, and solemn reading rooms that will make you very, very sleepy, right?

Maybe what you better dust off is your attitude.

The APTA website is home to some fascinating archives devoted to a variety of topics. Some put you in touch with the thought leaders of the physical therapy profession; others help you keep up with the latest research; still others help to remind you why you chose the physical therapy profession. Here are 8 of the best collections offered by APTA.

Move Forward Radio
The Move Forward Radio podcast series explores the impact of physical therapy from a consumer-focused perspective. Guests on the interview program have ranged from a survivor of the Boston marathon bombing to the physical therapist (PT) for the Washington Redskins and Nationals—and that was just this year. Past years' podcasts have touched on blood flow restriction training, sedentary behaviors in children, and patient journeys out of pain through physical therapy.

McMillan and Maley lecture videos
Need a little inspiration? Settle in with some of the thought leaders of the profession as they take on some of the biggest issues not just in physical therapy, but in health care as a whole. The lectures, delivered annually at the NEXT Conference and Exposition, could challenge you, surprise you, or stir up emotion, but they're sure to recharge you.

Ethics in Practice
A regular (and popular) column in PT in Motion magazine, "Ethics in Practice" uses vignettes developed and written by Nancy R. Kirsch, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA, to explore how professional values and ethics are applied in real-world situations. What makes this archive so useful is the way it's arranged: you can track down articles according to the code of ethics principle(s) they explore, specific standards of ethical conduct addressed, and by ethical issue (for example, confidentiality, improper conduct, and suspected impairment).

PTJ podcasts
For some time now, Physical Therapy, APTA's research journal, has been supplementing its regular articles with podcasts featuring conversations between authors and PTJ Editor-in-Chief Alan Jette, PT, PhD, FAPTA. The podcasts are a good way to gain perspective on the articles themselves: if you've already read the article, you get more context; if you haven't read the article, the podcasts serve as a great introduction.

Well To Do
There's a lot of talk in the physical therapy profession about the role PTs and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) can play in prevention, wellness, and fitness. PT in Motion magazine's longtime contributor Brad Cooper, PT, MSPT, MBA, ATC, has been providing insightful columns on these topics for the magazine since 2014.   

Insider Intel
APTA’s periodic call-in webinars invite members to hear about the most pressing payment and regulatory issues, and pose questions to staff experts. All are recorded so you can catch up on proposed and final payment rules, new methodologies and models, MIPS reporting, and more. BTW, the next Insider Intel is September 20, with topics to include 2018 IRF and SNF final rules, the 2018 home health proposed rule, and Medicare’s new emergency preparedness requirements.

Defining Moment
Formerly known as "This Is Why," this award-winning column in PT in Motion magazine shares the real stories of PTs and PTAs as they describe touchstone events in their careers, the inspirations for their decision join the profession, or just the moments that make them realize they've chosen the right path for themselves.

APTA students participate in this monthly live chat on Twitter and YouTube to discuss topics ranging from mentorship to population health. But all PTs and PTAs will find value in the archive of discussions, which includes video and podcast versions.

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