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Karen Joubert, PT, DPT, treats patients of all ages and levels of fitness and ability—those recovering from injury and those seeking to maintain healthy lifestyles. But with an office in Beverly Hills, California, her clientele also happens to include famous entertainers and big-name athletes.

Whether it is maintaining peak athletic performance for tennis superstar Serena Williams or achieving top fitness and stamina for Cher, Joubert says her physical therapist (PT) services provide a “back-to-basics” approach for all of her clients, celebrities and noncelebrities alike. “You don’t need expensive machines,” insists Joubert.

“Everyone is unique; everyone has different goals,” Joubert notes, but reaching them “takes focus; it takes discipline.”

Now available from APTA's Move Forward Radio: a conversation with Joubert, who shared her insights on the implications of living longer and “pushing our bodies harder” and described what she learned from swimmer Diana Nyad, who, at age 64, swam from Cuba to Florida without a shark tank after physical therapy for a rotator cuff injury.

Move Forward Radio is archived at, APTA's official consumer information website, and can be streamed online or downloaded as a podcast via iTunes.

Other recent Move Forward Radio episodes include:

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APTA members are encouraged to alert their patients to the radio series and other resources to help educate the public about the benefits of treatment by a physical therapist. Ideas for future episodes and other feedback can be emailed to

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