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In light of market instability during the COVID-19 pandemic, some grant offerings will be postponed — but four are open for application.

The Foundation for Physical Therapy Research has adjusted its grants program in light of the COVID-19 pandemic by postponing some of its offerings. But four major grants are moving ahead, and applications are now open. The grants now open for application are part of $800,000 in funding that will be awarded in 2020 through the Foundation. Deadline for applications is August 5, but one of the grants requires a letter of intent to be received by June 1.

The grants now accepting applications are:

Acute Care Research Grant. This $40,000 grant made possible by the Academy of Acute Physical Therapy is awarded to an emerging investigator seeking to advance the practice of acute care physical therapy.

Magistro Family Foundation Research Grant. This $100,000 grant is for research "to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions most commonly delivered by physical therapists" and for the development and evaluation of innovative physical therapist interventions. The grant is funded by the Magistro Family Foundation Endowment Fund established by Charles and Noel Magistro. Note: applicants must provide a letter of intent by June 1, 2020.

Moffat Geriatric Research Grant. One $70,000 grant, supported through the Marilyn Moffat Fund for Geriatric Research and a gift from Fox Rehabilitation, will be awarded for research on the practice and impact of front-loading and treatment intensity of physical therapy home visits for geriatric patients.

Physical Therapy Education Research Grant. Supported by the Academy of Physical Therapy Education, this $40,000 grant will be awarded for education research related to methods for promoting the uptake of research findings into education, specifically around education interventions that address the gap between evidence and practice.

There are no disruptions anticipated in the Foundation’s peer-review and award cycle for 2020. The organization will also work with currently funded researchers whose work has been delayed or disrupted by COVID-19 to adjust funding timelines. More information on the Foundation's grants and scholarship operations during the coronavirus crisis can be found on this Foundation webpage.

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