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"The Good Stuff" is an occasional series that highlights recent media coverage of physical therapy and APTA members, with an emphasis on stories of how individual PTs and PTAs are transforming health care and society every day. Enjoy!

Home sweat home: Jill Michelle Henderzahs-Mason, PT, DPT, and Ninia Eliza Agustin, PT, DPT, describe how to avoid injury while working out at home during the pandemic. (Wall Street Journal)

Hospital physical therapy during COVID-19: Jasmine Marcus, PT, DPT, Karl Arabian, PT, DPT, and Molly Smith PT, DPT, share their experiences as hospital-based PTs. (CovalentCareers blog)

PT for heroes: Robert Fleming, PT, DPT, has launched a free service that provides telehealth-based physical therapy to COVID-19 front-line workers. (ABC News 10 Albany, New York)

COVID-19 and health disparities research: Lisa VanHoose, PT, PhD, MPH, was appointed to a Louisiana state subcommittee that will look into how health disparities align with COVID-19 data. (Louisiana Office of the Governor press release)

Men have pelvic floors, too: Rachel Tavel, PT, DPT, explains how pelvic floor dysfunction can affect men — and what to do about it. (Men's Health)

Accessing physical therapy in a pandemic: Karen Litzy, PT, DPT, and Ryan Balmes, PT, DPT, share tips on what to expect and how to prepare when trying to receive physical therapy during the public health emergency. (Consumer Reports)

Insight into Alex Smith's recovery: Stephania Bell, PT, talks about the harrowing injury and long rehabilitation road faced by Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith as presented in the ESPN documentary "Project 11." (Washington Post)

The use of a dilator: Heather Jeffcoat, PT, DPT, explains the purpose and use of a vaginal dilator. (

The next challenge for COVID-19 patients: Maureen Boyle, PT, is helping to restore function and normalcy to the lives of patients who survive COVID-19. (Denver 7 News)

Adjusting to a new world in athlete injury rehab: Edward Wilk, PT, DPT, FAPTA, and Mike Reinold, PT, DPT, ATC, outline their approaches to rehabilitation of elite athletes during COVID-19 restrictions.(Associated Press)

You'll want to be sitting down for this: Bob Smetanka, PT, MS, offers tips on proper desk posture for people now working from home. (Argus Observer, Ontario, Oregon)

A new normal for physical therapy? Jamie Dyson, PT, DPT, and Mary Pengelley, PT, DPT, offer perspectives on how the pandemic has changed physical therapy, and which of those changes might remain after the crisis ends. (Miami Herald)

PTs turning up the creativity: Megan Berg, PT, DPT, Scott Rezac PT, DPT, Cameron MacDonald, PT, DPT, and Audrey Waldron PT, DPT, describe how they're using telehealth and other approaches to continue to provide care. (Denver Post)

Working out at work: Brett Lynass, PT, shares simple exercises that can help alleviate discomfort caused by working from home in locations that encourage less-than-ideal posture. (KOTA TV, Rapid City, South Dakota)

When pain hits home: Reid Gehring, PT, DPT, outlines ways to counteract stiffness and pain when working from home. (ABC7 News, Amarillo, Texas)

Preparing for PICS: Patricia Ohtake, PT, PhD, is leading the way on research related to rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients who may experience post-intensive care syndrome. (University at Buffalo News Center)

Managing pelvic physical therapy during a pandemic: Carrie Pagliano, PT, DPT, describes how she's approaching pelvic physical therapy during social distancing. (WUSA9 News, Washington, DC)

Zooming in on care: Deanna Proimos, PT, DPT, shows how she conducts pediatric physical therapy over Zoom. (WTHR13 News, Indianapolis)

The setting for sitting: Grace Lancaster, PT, DPT, provides ideas on how to reconfigure a home office to minimize pain. (Fox 5 News, Atlanta)

Balance in all things: Sara Mikulsky, PT, adds her take on how to improve balance while walking. (myfitnesspal blog)

Running 56 miles in two days: Ken Vinacco, SPT, logged 56 miles in a 48-hour period to help bring awareness to a local food bank and multiple sclerosis center. (WJAR 10 News, Cranston, Rhode Island)

Squat's going on: William Suits, PT, DPT, elaborates on proper squat technique.(USA Today)

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