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When PT and PTA students take on an APTA project, they don't let go. The latest proof: a boost in support for the APTA PT-PAC, courtesy of a recent student-led "Flash Action Strategy."

Last week's event brought students and other stakeholders together for an intense two-day push for donations to the profession's preeminent political action committee. Known as PT-PAC, it's the political arm of APTA that works to support legislators who champion the profession's priorities on Capitol Hill.

The effort was an unqualified success. By the end of the event, the strategy had raised more than $3,500, with more than 220 student members from more than 75 programs contributing. Along the way, the PT-PAC gained some 113 "Student Stars"—students who contributed $20 or more. And a pre-event "virtual pep rally" was attended by more than 300 viewers, one of the strongest showings for this type of event in APTA history.

The initiative also encouraged physical therapy education programs to compete against each other based on PT-PAC participation. At the end of the second day, Atlanta’s Mercer University came out on top, followed by Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, California, and the University of Minnesota.

Michael Matlack, APTA's director of congressional affairs, says this year's event is a testament to student awareness and engagement.

"We're grateful for the strong support for PT-PAC," Matlack said. "These efforts make it clear that PT and PTA students see the connection between advocacy and issues that impact the profession, including education programs. The energy of this year's flash action showed that students understand the role they can play in creating an even brighter future for physical therapy."

Reminder: It's not just about a single event, and it's not just about students — you can support PT-PAC right now, before the election. And don't forget to vote by Nov. 3.

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