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We live in an increasingly diverse society with a growing interest in physical therapy. That's an opportunity for PTs and PTAs — and APTA is helping you seize it.

Now available on the APTA website: two sets of resources aimed at bridging language gaps related to the profession — one set related to serving patients with limited English proficiency, and another on APTA resources in Spanish.

"Serving Patients With Limited English Proficiency" offers resources and information including what to consider in the provision of services to individuals with LEP, federal and state guidance, and issues related to interpreters and translators, among other topics.

"APTA Physical Therapist Resources in Spanish" takes a different approach: It's a collection of information from the association available in both Spanish and English that includes evidence-based practice resources, tests and measures, APTA Learning Center courses, and several educational pieces aimed at patients — including resources from APTA's consumer-focused website.

Both resource centers will be expanded as APTA develops new resources and translations.

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