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Solid leadership requires a commitment to considering a broad range of perspectives: That's why the APTA Board of Directors will soon include a non-PT or PTA public member. You can help by sharing the search with individuals you think would make a strong addition to the board.

The public member director will join nine other APTA member directors in providing leadership to the association public member will have the same full voting rights and fiduciary responsibilities as the rest of the board. The only differences: The public member may not be a current or past PT, PTA, or member of APTA, and the position is appointed by the Board rather than determined by member election. The one-year term of service begins Jan. 1, 2022.

The position was created by the APTA House of Delegates in 2020 to "broaden and strengthen" board deliberations, according to the policy statement establishing the position. The opportunity to be considered for appointment opened on June 1 through the APTA Engage volunteer portal.

Interested individuals must begin by creating an APTA ID on, and then apply for the public member position through APTA Engage. Applications must be submitted by July 15.

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