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There's little doubt that since early 2020, physical therapy educators and their students have experienced upheaval unlike any time before. But in the wake of all that upheaval, now might the time to set a course for the future focused on sustainability. The upcoming physical therapy Educational Leadership Conference, taking place Oct. 22-24 in Atlanta, is aiming to do exactly that.

"Habits for the Development of an Impactful and Sustainable Future for All" is the theme for the conference, which offers programming in four major areas: habits of the head (cognitive and intellectual issues), habits of the hand (practice and skill-based content), habits of health (individual, community, and societal wellness), and habits of the heart (values, attitudes, ethics, and social roles). The event is a collaborative effort of the APTA Academy of Education and the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy.

As usual, the conference features a host of presentations (more than 90 at last count), special meetings, and poster sessions, along with an exhibit hall and opportunities for networking. Topics cover the gamut, from discussions of individual behavior and learning patterns to presentations on broader systems issues.

And this year, educators with an interest in education research will have some additional opportunities, courtesy of the Education Leadership Partnership (APTA, ACAPT, and the academy): an Education Research Network Event on Oct. 22 that connects attendees with peers and mentors to identify potential collaborators and troubleshoot common barriers; and an Oct. 21 preconference workshop on how to begin an education research journey.

Another preconference option: Physical therapist clinical instructors, faculty, and administrators can also attend the ELC ACAPT Leadership Summit: Change leadership to help organizations rapidly and continually adapt and change.

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