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If you're a PT or PTA, chances are you've encountered patients with tendinopathy on a regular basis — and maybe even experienced some frustrations and challenges in providing individualized treatment. So you turn to research, only to find that it lags behind study in other orthopedic injuries.

Andrew Sprague, PT, DPT, PhD, would like to help.

Coming July 8-9: a two-day, case-based exploration of the current science of lower extremity tendinopathy with a focus on how to put research findings into practical use, right away. The hybrid presentation with options for remote viewing or in-person attendance at APTA Centennial Center marks the return of the APTA Lecture Series launched last year.

The event will include a description of the tendon injury and healing process, instruction on conducting a comprehensive clinical exam for lower extremity tendinopathies, tips on designing individualized loading programs, and more, all based on the most recent science on the condition and rooted in actual cases . Content is applicable to PTs, PTAs, and students.

Sprague, an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh physical therapy program, has spent his research career focusing on lower extremity tendinopathy, with the goal of identifying measures that will allow for individualized load and recovery prescription. He has shared his research and clinical expertise at numerous national and international conferences and received recognition from the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research and the Imaging Special Interest Group of the APTA Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy.

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