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The APTA Association Leadership Scholars Program, an innovative project that aims to develop future leaders of the association, announced this year's cohort of members selected to participate in a curriculum designed to hone their skills. The 25 PTs, PTAs, and students come from 17 states and the District of Columbia and represent diverse backgrounds, practice settings, and experience levels.

This year's scholars are:

  • Tayo Akinboboye, PT, DPT (Texas).
  • Lorenzo Bianco, PT (Ohio).
  • Cody Birely, PT, DPT (Ind.).
  • Cyrus Brown, PT, DPT (Washington, D.C.).
  • Janae Chinn, PT, DPT (Wash.).
  • Douglas Cordel, PT, DPT (Ariz.).
  • Kelli Daniels, PT, DPT (Alaska).
  • David Friedberg, PT, DPT (N.Y.).
  • James Gosney Jr., SPTA, MD, MPH, MS (Va.).
  • Lindsay Heffron, PT, DPT (Ohio).
  • Jennifer Howanitz, PT, DPT (Pa.).
  • Jimmy Jin, PT, DPT, MS (N.Y.).
  • Kayla Kotake, PT, DPT (Nev.).
  • Anna Len, PT (N.Y.).
  • Kathryn Logan, PT (Md.).
  • Megan Lopez, PT, DPT (Ark.).
  • Rachel Miller, PT, DPT (Washington, D.C.).
  • Stephanie Pantaleo, PT, DPT (Ariz.).
  • Yung-En Perng, PT, DPT (Calif.).
  • Dena Priluck, PT, DPT (Mo.).
  • Erin Schultz, SPT, MS (Texas).
  • Diana Wallace, PT, DPT (Calif.).
  • Elizabeth Wehling, PT, DPT (Colo.).
  • Steven Wentz, PT (N.C.).
  • Albert Wong, PTA, PA (Fla.).

During the one-year program scholars participate in a curriculum that covers association leadership and management topics, with activities that can include group projects and engagement opportunities. Throughout the program, scholars are connected with experienced leader-mentors who enrich their understanding of the profession and the association's role. This year's mentors are Tiffany Adams, PT, DPT, PhD, MBA; Amanda Costigliola, PTA; Sharon Dunn, PT, PhD; Evan Papa, PT, DPT, PhD; and Lisa Saladin, PT, PhD, FAPTA.

Now in its third year as the APTA Association Leadership Scholars Program, the initiative's origins were in the APTA Centennial Scholars program offered in 2021 in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the association. That program earned an American Society of Association Executives Gold Circle award for its excellence in member engagement. Many of the elements of the Centennial Scholars program have been adopted in the current curriculum.

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