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Just in time for national Brain Injury Awareness Month in March: A new addition to a certificate series from APTA that brings you the latest in physical therapy approaches to patient management post-traumatic brain injury at all ranges of severity.

The offering is part of a planned six-part education program that provides an in-depth look at the landscape of managing patients following a traumatic brain injury, including the use of mindfulness, meditation, and psychoeducation, as well as evidence-based tools for improving physical, cognitive, and psychosocial health.

The newest offering in the series is an online event that explores trauma-informed meditation, breathwork, and yoga for concussion and traumatic brain injury, scheduled for Feb. 29 at noon ET. (Can't make it? No worries, the session will be recorded for later viewing.) The Feb. 29 course will be available in addition to a course on the physical therapy approach to brain injury rehab in the inpatient setting that was rolled out in late December. The remaining four courses will be released throughout 2024.

The Feb. 29 live webinar is led by Kyla Pearce, PhD, MPH, a certified brain injury specialist and registered yoga teacher who has trained more than 2,500 clinicians and others in how to adapt yoga, mindfulness, and psychoeducation to the management of patients who have experienced brain injury. She is the senior director of programs and research at LoveYourBrain, a national nonprofit that delivers evidence-based holistic health programs for the brain injury community. 

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