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APTA has made it easy to stay ahead in today’s profession with a limited-time lecture series bundle that includes 12 curated lectures addressing crucial clinical issues. Enroll by June 30 to take advantage of the offer, which features in-depth sessions such as Long COVID Rehabilitation — Multidisciplinary Care: Pitfalls to Avoid and Pearls to Enhance Treatment, Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation: State of the Science, Pain Science and Management: A Series of Hot Topics, and The Eyes Have It: Physical Therapy Management of Common Vestibular Disorders.

Why These Lectures Matter

In today's rapidly evolving health care landscape, staying current with the latest research and treatment techniques is essential. This lecture series addresses many critical issues encountered in daily practice, such as understanding common signs and symptoms experienced by patients with long COVID and what to do about them, the most appropriate interventions for managing lower extremity tendinopathy, and the clinical decision-making required for differential diagnosis and treatment of vestibular disorders. These lectures are designed to provide you with practical insights and the latest in evidence-based practice to improve patient care.

In-Depth Look: Long COVID Rehabilitation Lecture

One of the standout sessions in this series is Long COVID Rehabilitation — Multidisciplinary Care: Pitfalls to Avoid and Pearls to Enhance Treatment. As the profession manages more patients with long COVID in every setting, understanding common symptomatology and appropriate intervention is as important as ever. This lecture provides a comprehensive overview of the latest research and best practices in managing these cases and offers actionable strategies to integrate into practice.

The lecture integrates insights from pulmonologists, neurologists, and rehabilitation specialists to create holistic treatment plans.

Complementing the lecture, new long COVID mitigation apps were released in June in APTA’s Digital Heath App Formulary, powered by ORCHA. This library is free for APTA members.

Easy Access and Incredible Value

With the entire bundle, you can earn up to 9.4 CEUs (94 contact hours), significantly enhancing your qualifications and expertise.

Until June 30, you can unlock all 12 lectures for just $299 if you're an APTA member (use code Lecture20212 at checkout) or $599 if you aren’t a member (use code NMLecture20212 at checkout). You’ll receive access to 12 lectures for less than the cost of two lectures alone. Coursework must be completed by Dec. 31.

Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your professional growth. Enroll now to ensure you remain at the forefront of physical therapist practice.


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