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APTA conducts an annual invitation-only workshop to help sections develop clinical practice guidelines.

The workshop is conducted in Alexandria, VA, each August, and APTA section nominations are due in May each year.

Registration is free for APTA members nominated by a section who are selected to attend.

Sections are asked to submit nominations for (1) a guideline development group leader and (2) a key group member who have defined a key clinical question or topic that the section has identified as important to its membership.

APTA covers cost of travel and one night's lodging for these two individuals however, they will need to make the travel arrangements. Sections are encouraged to fund travel for up to two additional members to attend the workshop.

For optimal benefit in this active workshop, each guideline development team will need to engage in pre-workshop activities on their identified key question or topic well in advance of the workshop. They will need to make travel arrangements to attend the entire workshop.

2020 CPG Workshop

August 13-14, 2020

Workshop Overview

This workshop includes:

  1. Pre-workshop assignment with knowledge assessment.
  2. Presentation of methodology for the development of clinical practice guidelines.
  3. Interactive discussion on how to apply methodology to successfully develop and complete clinical practice guidelines.


At the end of this workshop the attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify a work plan that includes the essential components of a CPG for their identified topic
  2. Compare and contrast their current resources with the presented process and essential component
  3. Construct a plan to develop clinical practice guidelines
  4. Identify the roles of APTA and the Sections in the CPG development process


APTA will fund a maximum of 2 individuals from a guideline development group nominated from a section for up to a total of 10 GDGs. Sections are able to nominate more than one section guideline development team to attend the workshop. Priority for attendance to this workshop will be given to nominees that meet the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate full support from the section's leadership
  2. Have a clearly identified clinical question or topic
  3. Have initiated activities to address identified question or topic
  4. Have identified subject matter experts and confirmed participation of members to develop a clinical practice guideline


Contact the Practice Department at with any questions.