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Use this toolkit to guide you through a self-assessment of services you provide to college athletic programs.

The Collegiate Standard of Care Toolkit is an inter-association initiative spearheaded by the National Athletic Trainers' Association with support from member experts from APTA, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, and the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.

The toolkit provides physical therapists, athletic trainers, and physicians with a self-guided analysis of their current health care services, backed by evidence and best practices. It also meets NCAA Transformation Committee recommendations that require schools to audit sports health and safety protocols.

The toolkit comprises 16 domains specific to individual health conditions, injuries, and student-athlete health and wellness topics. It also includes access to a library of resources and a discussion board for consultation and peer-to-peer support.

Elements of the Collegiate Standards of Care Toolkit


Use this checklist to help you navigate your way through the 16 domains. You can also mark down your results as a benchmark to track stability and elevation of your results over time.  


  • Domain 1 Survey
    Domain 1 covers areas within risk management.
  • Domain 2 Survey
    Domain 2 covers areas within cardiovascular conditions, including screening and management.
  • Domain 3 Survey
    Domain 3 covers areas within traumatic brain/head injury.
  • Domain 4 Survey
    Domain 4 covers areas within doping, substance abuse, and supplements, including appropriate monitoring, education, and intervention.
  • Domain 5 Survey
    Domain 5 covers areas within medication management (prescription and over the counter).
  • Domain 6 Survey
    Domain 6 covers areas within stakeholder education.
  • Domain 7 Survey
    Domain 7 covers areas within emergency response.
  • Domain 8 Survey
    Domain 8 covers areas within management of environmental and/or exertional considerations and conditions.
  • Domain 9 Survey
    Domain 9 covers areas for guidance for student athlete performance and wellness.
  • Domain 10 Survey
    Domain 10 covers areas within general medical conditions.
  • Domain 11 Survey
    Domain 11 covers areas within health care administration and organization.
  • Domain 12 Survey
    Domain 12 covers areas within behavior and mental health.
  • Domain 13 Survey
    Domain 13 covers areas within musculoskeletal injury prevention and management.
  • Domain 14 Survey
    Domain 14 covers areas within medical examinations, including pre-participation exams, annual exams, exit exams, and transitional care exams.
  • Domain 15 Survey
    Domain 15 covers areas within facility management.
  • Domain 16 Survey
    Domain 16 covers areas within nutrition and body composition, including appropriate monitoring, education, and intervention. 

Additional Instructions 

After completing each domain, print out the final report for your records, record your benchmark results on your checklist, and visit the Library of Resources to help you support and advance health care at your institution. You will need to use your NATA login to access the library.

Your Feedback Wanted

To keep the toolkit current and evidence based, NATA wants to hear from users. Use this form to send your comments, and email NATA with any questions.

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