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Aetna Launches PTA Differential

Mar 15, 2024/News

After putting the move on hold for three months, the insurer implemented the reduction March 1.

Final 2020 Fee Schedule: CMS Relents on PTA Differential System for 2020; Presses on With Planned 8% Cut to Physical Therapy in 2021

Nov 4, 2019/News

A major win, and a major challenge: that's what APTA and the profession are facing with CMS' release of the 2020 fee schedule.

Humana Adopts PTA Coding System, Anticipates Payment Differential Beginning in 2022

Jan 22, 2020/News

Humana announced that it's falling in line with CMS on establishing a payment differential for services provided by PTAs.

Proposed 2022 Fee Schedule: More Cuts, PTA Differential, Telehealth Obstacles

Jul 16, 2021/Review

The proposal contains few surprises, setting the stage for intensified advocacy efforts directed at CMS and Capitol Hill.

The PTA Differential: How We Got Here, and What's Next

Feb 9, 2020/Perspective

It can be a challenge to keep up even if you’re working hard to pay attention.

Final 2022 Fee Schedule: Cuts, PTA Differential Remain — Focus Turns to Congress

Nov 3, 2021/Review

Despite a few bright spots, the final rule mostly follows the proposed version, making Capitol Hill the only remaining hope for relief.

PTA Differential, Fee Schedule, and Telehealth – Advocacy and Regulatory Update

Jun 9, 2021/Podcast

APTA's monthly advocacy and regulatory update covers multiple topics from the perspective of what's happened, what's hot right now, and what to keep an eye on in the future. In this episode: lawmakers focus on the PTA differential, a big telehealth win, a bill to relieve administrative burden in Medicare

The PTA Differential: History, What We're Doing, and Your Role in the Fight

Aug 20, 2021/Open Access

What you need to know about the system's origins, the law that created it, and the ways APTA has been advocating for the profession.

Time To Act: Lawmakers Must Address the PTA Differential

Jan 19, 2022/News

Congress is back in session and the push is on to fix this threat to patient access to care. Your voice is needed.

Down-to-the-Wire Advocacy: Payment Cuts, PTA Differential, and Other Issues in the Last Weeks of the 2021 Congressional Session

Nov 23, 2021/Podcast

As Congress attends to business in the last days before recess for the year, there are several important issues on the table, including a bill to address the fee schedule cuts, and legislation aimed at the PTA differential.

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The PTA Differential Just Doesn't Add Up -- Especially for Patients.

Sep 30, 2021/Periodical


Dose selection for aztreonam-avibactam, including adjustments for renal impairment, for Phase IIa and Phase III evaluation.

Mar 31, 2024/Academic Journal

Das, Shampa, Riccobene, Todd, Carrothers, Timothy J., Wright, James G., MacPherson, Merran, Cristinacce, Andrew, McFadyen, Lynn, Xie, Rujia, Luckey, Alison, Raber, Susan

Health Care Headlines.

May 31, 2022/Periodical

Diagnosing Suprascapular Neuropathy in Patients With Shoulder Dysfunction: A Report of 5 Cases

Mar 31, 2004/Case Report


Background and Purpose. Suprascapular neuropathy,

Differential Diagnosis of Endometriosis in a Young Adult Woman With Nonspecific Low Back Pain

May 31, 2007/Case Report

Background and Purpose

Endometriosis is a common gynecological

Physical Therapists' Perceptions of the Roles of the Physical Therapist Assistant

May 31, 1994/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. This longitudinal study investigated physical