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During the Covid-19 Pandemic — One Size Does Not Fit All: Author Interview With Mark Werneke

Jul 27, 2021/Podcast

n a descriptive study that’s already been featured in 14 news stories, Mark Werneke, PT,  and colleagues analyzed data on more than 222,000 patients in the Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes database. Werneke and Jette talk in depth about the relatively low use of telerehabilitation in the outpatient population

Study: Use of PTAs, More Therapy Intensity, Associated With Better SNF Outcomes

Jul 28, 2021/Review

An analysis of SNFs across the country echoes some themes from recent research sponsored by APTA and AOTA.

Physical Therapy in Emergency Care: A Win-Win for Patients and Hospitals

Jul 28, 2021/Podcast

In this podcast, APTA members Rebekah Griffith, PT, DPT, Carleen Jogodka, PT, DPT, and Lisa TenBarge, PT, DPT, discuss the evolving role of the PT in the emergency department — and what that may look like going forward.

A Lucky Patient Encounter Provides Answers – Defining Moment

Aug 1, 2021/Podcast

It wasn’t until she saw patients with the same rare condition that a PT realized what had been plaguing her own body for years.

The Power of Human Connection: An ICU Recovery Clinic Perspective

Aug 4, 2021/Perspective

An ICU Recovery Clinic Perspective

The 2022 Fee Schedule: Get Ready To Take Action

Jul 7, 2021/News

CMS is due to release its proposal soon. Here's what you need to know — and how you can fight for physical therapy.

APTA Committee, Council, Trustee Positions Available

Jul 16, 2021/News

The open volunteer positions cover a range of areas — check out what we're looking for and apply by Aug. 15.

Proposed 2022 Fee Schedule: More Cuts, PTA Differential, Telehealth Obstacles

Jul 16, 2021/Review

The proposal contains few surprises, setting the stage for intensified advocacy efforts directed at CMS and Capitol Hill.

Just Picture It: APTA Centennial Photo, Video Contests Want Your Vision

Jun 2, 2021/News

Want to participate in APTA's 100th anniversary while showing your artistic flare? We have an opportunity (or two) for you.

Falls Responsible for 90% of Injury-Related ED and Hospital Visits Among 65+

May 27, 2021/Review

A new report from CDC highlights the need for more emphasis on falls prevention — including referrals for physical therapy.

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The Role of Health Promotion in Physical Therapy in California, New York, and Tennessee

May 31, 2004/Research Reports


Background and Purpose. As health care providers,

Pusher Syndrome

May 31, 2004/Letters to the Editor

Reliability, Internal Consistency, and Validity of Data Obtained With the Functional Gait Assessment

Sep 30, 2004/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. The Functional Gait Assessment (FGA) is a

Decision Making for Physical Therapy Service Delivery in Schools: A Nationwide Survey of Pediatric Physical Therapists

Sep 30, 2004/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. A nationwide survey was conducted to explore

Ultrasound Efficacy

Sep 30, 2004/Letters to the Editor

“STEPS” in Practice

Jun 30, 2004/Editor's Note

The Role of Genetics and Environment in Lifting Force and Isometric Trunk Extensor Endurance

Jun 30, 2004/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. Our understanding of what different back performance

Effects of Live, Videotaped, or Written Instruction on Learning an Upper-Extremity Exercise Program

Jun 30, 2004/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. Today's health care environment encourages