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Tapping the Upper Limits of Our Potential

Feb 1, 2018/Article

The key is to strive for it.

The Perils of Self-Deception

Feb 1, 2018/Article

Literal bad timing gives a PT a choice.

Using Motor Learning to Help Patients

Feb 1, 2018/Article

PTs who are passionate about using motor learning explain why it's so important to physical therapist practice.


Dec 1, 2017/Magazine

Online Comments. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, September 2017

2017 PT in Motion Annual Index

Dec 1, 2017/Magazine

This annual index provides a list of articles published in PT in Motion in 2017 by author and subject.

The New Frontier

Dec 1, 2017/Feature

How is technology altering physical therapist practice? APTA's new FiRST Council provides some insight.

A Seasoned Approach

Nov 1, 2017/Column

For wellness, imbalance can be good.

Professional Pulse

Oct 1, 2017/Magazine

- Datapoints\r\n - Health Care Headlines\r\n - Update on Opiods\r\n - Research Roundup\r\n - Association Resources


Oct 1, 2017/Magazine

A friend of mine, knowing I enjoy reading about World War II history, recommended that I read author Daniel James Brown's The Boys in the Boat.1 Assuming that "boat" meant submarine or destroyer, I eagerly downloaded this book onto my e-reader … and discovered the world of crew-a rowing sport about which

Taking a Stand

Oct 1, 2017/Column

The power of stubbornness, physical therapy, and prosthetics.