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Passion Play – Defining Moment

Feb 1, 2018/Podcast

Serving children in a fun environment.

Physical Therapy in Emergency Care: A Win-Win for Patients and Hospitals

Jul 28, 2021/Podcast

In this podcast, APTA members Rebekah Griffith, PT, DPT, Carleen Jogodka, PT, DPT, and Lisa TenBarge, PT, DPT, discuss the evolving role of the PT in the emergency department — and what that may look like going forward.

New COVID-19 Resources From APTA: PASC Podcast, Core Outcome Measures Video

Jul 2, 2021/News

The podcast covers new resources from World Physiotherapy; the video looks at the work of an APTA task force.

Celebrating Our Professional History

Jul 21, 2021/Podcast

A discussion on our professional history. We discuss professional milestones and take questions from viewers.

Online Learning and Hybrid Education

Feb 17, 2021/Podcast

Lindsay Durand, SPT, APTA Student Assembly director of communications, and Tonya Olson, MSPT, DPT, discuss the benefits of online learning, hybrid education, and how to make the most of your virtual learning experiences.

An On-the-Nose Career

Apr 1, 2021/Podcast

Defining Moment: Reminiscences of a PT and mother.

APTA State Legislative Update: Direct Access, Compact, Payment, and More

Apr 6, 2023/Podcast

Join APTA staff experts for a quick look at what's happening in statehouses this legislative season.

Defining Moment: The Path Chose Me

Jun 4, 2024/Podcast

A PT finds meaning and purpose helping other cancer survivors.

PT and PTA Teams

Aug 24, 2020/Podcast

APTA Outstanding PT-PTA Team Award winners Christine Davidson, PT, DPT, and Nanako Barry, PTA, CBIS, share their model for success and answer your questions.

Value-Based Care: What Is Value? #2

Jan 26, 2018/Podcast

This is episode 2 of APTA’s comprehensive podcast series that explains the move toward value-based care and how physical therapists can participate in the Quality Payment Program. This episode asks “What Is Value?”