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What's New In Telerehabilitation Research

Apr 19, 2024/Roundup

Five articles explore the feasibility of telerehabilitation and the factors that could lead to successful implementation.

Physical Therapy and Brain Injury

Mar 4, 2022/Roundup

For National Brain Injury Awareness Month, five APTA resources and a roundup of recent research.

The Proposed 2023 Fee Schedule: 4 Things to Know

Aug 3, 2022/Roundup

Of course the proposed cuts are at the center — but there are some significant opportunities for change and making your voice heard.

Defining Moment: Throwing in With Physical Therapy

Oct 1, 2022/Column

While softball may have led a PT to her physical therapy career, physical therapy led her to a welcome softball side effect.

Defining Moment: A Word Changed Us

Sep 1, 2022/Column

A patient's permanent reminder of her PT's instruction left an indelible mark on both of them.

Defining Moment: Lending a Helping Hand

Nov 1, 2023/Column

A chance encounter at an indoor climbing event helped one physical therapist see the myriad ways that PTs can support patients.

CSM Preview: Genomics and Precision Physical Therapy With Richard K. Shields and Eric D. Green

Nov 13, 2018/Interview

A discussion about physical therapy and the genomic era.

Taking the Plunge

Mar 1, 2022/Column

A PT recalls overcoming her own obstacles to become a board-certified orthopaedic clinical specialist and help others reach their goals.

The Best-Laid 10-Year Plan ...

Jul 1, 2022/Column

A former newscaster trades the thrill of chasing down a story for the higher satisfaction of improving patients' lives.

How I Made a Perfect Score on the PTA NPTE

Jun 26, 2019/Perspective

It's never too early to start studying.