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British Columbia Postconcussion Symptom Inventory (BC-PSI)

Jun 5, 2017 / Test & Measure

This is a 16-item questionnaire, which includes 13 postconcussive syndrome symptoms (PCS) and 3 daily life problems.

Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS)

Jun 14, 2017 / Test & Measure

Assesses the extent of catastrophic thinking due to low back pain according to three components: rumination, magnification, and helplessness.

Neck Pain

Jun 27, 2017 / Clinical Summary

PTs may perform an evaluation to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses the patient's pain and activity limitations.

Acute Stroke Diagnosis and Management Summary

Jun 29, 2017 / Clinical Summary

This clinical summary discusses the early detection, emergency management, medical acute care, and physical therapist management of stroke symptoms and sequelae.

IDF Clinical Practice Recommendations for Managing Type 2 Diabetes in Primary Care

Jun 30, 2017 / CPG

This guideline provides recommendations on the management of adults with type 2 diabetes in the primary care setting.

Neck Pain: Revision 2017

Jun 30, 2017 / CPG

This guideline provides recommendations related to patients with neck pain.

2019-2020 APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors Candidates Announced

Aug 22, 2019 / News

The candidates for the 2019-2020 APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors have been announced.  These students will serve a one year term where they will work on behalf and represent all student members of APTA, also known as the APTA Student Assembly. As the APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors

Tips to Help You Ace Your Clinicals

Sep 8, 2019 / Perspective

Clinical rotations allow students to practice the skills and experience new practice settings.

Privileged to be a Part of This Community

Sep 29, 2019 / Perspective

Having the opportunity to meet many people with enthusiasm and with a desire to get involved was truly amazing.

A Balancing Act: Choose You

Jan 29, 2020 / Perspective

I concluded that if I wasn’t able to take care of myself, how could I care for someone sicker than me?