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APTA Advocacy in Action: 2019 Wins, and What's on Our Radar for 2020

Jan 28, 2020/Perspective

APTA is taking the advocacy lead on a number of bills impacting the physical therapy profession and the patients we serve that may be addressed in the 116th Congress.

The PTA Differential: How We Got Here, and What's Next

Feb 9, 2020/Perspective

It can be a challenge to keep up even if you’re working hard to pay attention.

Advocacy for Our Profession Isn't a Spectator Sport

Jan 21, 2020/Open Access

During a class I learned about advocacy and its impact on our profession. It was as if a fog lifted.

Hiding in Plain Sight: How You Can Fight Bacterial Contamination in Your Clinic

Aug 18, 2019/Perspective

Here's how to limit potential infections for you and your patients.

The Five Things I've Learned as a Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice Owner

Feb 6, 2020/Perspective

I started a cash-based practice because I really did not feel that I had any other options.

Busting Medicare Part B Myths (and Regulating Your Expectations), Part 2

Dec 26, 2019/Perspective

Debunking some of the most prevalent Medicare myths.

Student Loan Debt: APTA Member Sandra Norby Testifies Before House Committee

Jun 18, 2019/Article

There is no easy fix or silver bullet to the complex problem of student debt.

New PTJ Podcast Previews June Special Issue on Infant and Child Development

May 28, 2019/Article

Topics include sensor technology and device development, approaches to measurement and assessment using emerging technology, and perception-action.

Response To Proposed Motion To The Student Assembly Board of Directors

Oct 26, 2017/Article

In August 2016, a group of APTA Student Assembly members presented three motions to the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

Remembering Sheila K. Nicholson, PT, DPT, JD, MBA (1961-2019)

Jun 12, 2019/Open Access

Sheila K. Nicholson, PT, DPT, JD, MBA, MA, died on June 12 after fighting cancer for two years.