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Complexity of Chronic Pain Management

Sep 4, 2019 / Podcast

Physical therapist Sarah Wenger discusses the complexity of chronic pain management, including the mental and emotional aspects of chronic pain and reassures younger clinicians that they are well prepared to make a meaningful impact in the lives of people with chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Management With Steven George

Sep 23, 2019 / Podcast

Steven George, PT, PhD, FAPTA, discusses the complexity of managing patients and clients who experience chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Disorder Medical Treatment Guideline

Oct 5, 2017 / CPG

This guideline provides recommendations related to the management of patients with chronic pain.

CSM 2018: Physical Therapists and Chronic Pain

Mar 19, 2018 / Podcast

Steven George, PT, PhD, discusses the role of physical therapy in the management of chronic pain.

EAN Guidelines on Central Neurostimulation Therapy in Chronic Pain Conditions

Aug 10, 2016 / CPG

Guidelines on neurostimulation for neuropathic pain, expanding the search to new techniques or other chronic pain conditions and assessment of evidence.

Management of Chronic Pain in Children and Young People: A National Clinical Guideline

Feb 28, 2018 / CPG

This guideline provides recommendations related to the management of children and young adults with chronic pain.

Management of Chronic Pain [SIGN 136] [revised]

Jul 31, 2019 / CPG

This guideline covers the management of chronic pain in adults, including pharmacological, physical, psychological, and nutrition therapies, as well as complementary and alternative medicine.

EAU Guidelines on Chronic Pelvic Pain (2017 Edition)

Dec 31, 2016 / CPG

Guideline aims to expand the awareness of caregivers in the field of abdominal and pelvic pain and to assist those who treat these in their daily practice.

CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain – United States, 2016

Mar 17, 2016 / CPG

Recommendations for primary care clinicians who are prescribing opioids for chronic pain outside of active cancer treatment, palliative care, and end-of-life care.

Older, Sicker, and Stressed: Survey Analysis Looks at Individuals With Chronic Pain

Jul 31, 2017 / News

An analysis of a national health survey shows that Americans with chronic pain are older, under more financial stress, and more likely to live with 1 or more comorbidities compared with the average respondent.

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Can remotely delivered cognitive‐behavioral therapy (CBT) help children and adolescents manage chronic pain?

Jun 5, 2019 / Reference

Bunt, Christopher

In people with subacute/chronic neck pain, is there randomized controlled trial evidence to support the use of botulinum toxin?

Feb 2, 2015 / Reference

Burch, Jane, Ahn, Jaimo, Pettersen, Karen
Subjects: Rheumatology; Orthopedics & trauma