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Professional acculturation is part of the journey of an internationally educated physical therapist. Panel members will describe culture and acculturation and discuss the strategies of Berry's Model of Acculturation. 

Your hosts will share their own stories of acculturative stresses and the strategies used to identify and reduce them through the integration process, including adopting the core values of the physical therapy profession and APTA's Code of Ethics. The strategies apply to internationally educated PTs and PTAs and U.S.-educated PTs and PTAs who work with patients from different cultures and backgrounds.

Your Hosts

Maria Aguila, PT, DPT
Nadine Booysen, PT, MRes, PhD 
Carmela Claypool, PT
Emmanuel John, PT, DPT, PhD, MBA, MPH
Vrunda Kapadia, PT, MS
Rose Linsangan, PT, DPT

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