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We are proud to provide the APTA Centennial Lecture Series, featuring recognized leaders on topics in clinical practice, practice management, payment, and innovation.

As clinicians we want to provide more to our injured runners than a walk to jog progression. Through this course, learn an evidence-based approach to treating the injured runner.

This course will review the current literature on running retraining, and help the clinician to identify subgroups of patients that would best benefit from running retraining. Starting from the initial evaluation, this course will help the clinician to identifying risk factors in the runners training program, build confidence in performing in-clinic running analysis, and help to provide the clinician the skill set in development of a comprehensive program in order to optimize return to run programs. This course will be a mixture of lab and lecture.

Meet our presenter

Eliza Szymanek, PT
Eliza is currently serving as an Assistant Professor through Baylor University, and is the Clinical Program Director of the Army Baylor Doctorate of Physical Therapy internship at Joint Base Lewis McCord. Eliza is a certified orthopedic and sports physical therapist, as well as a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Eliza has been instructing running retraining within the military setting for the last 10 years of her clinical practice. She has also conducted research in the field of running retraining.

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