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Our monthly student social is a fun twist on the standard Zoom webinar – mixing expert discussion with live, camera-on Q&A with participants.

This month's discussion is with member PTs who are working with U.S. Olympians 

So, what's it like treating Olympic and Paralympic athletes? Join us for a conversation with member PTs who are working with U.S. Olympians — or have worked with them in previous games. 

Our guests

  • Bernard Condevaux, PT, board-certified clinical specialist in sports physical therapy
  • Zack DiCristino, PT, MSPT, board-certified clinical specialist in orthopaedic physical therapy and in sports physical therapy

How to access

Please sign up to attend this event before 5 p.m. ET, Saturday, Jan. 15. A link to this Zoom event will be emailed to all participants Sunday morning, Jan. 16. 
Email with questions. 

Let others know you're attending and share on social media. RSVP is not required to attend this event.

You can view APTA Live events below or engage on APTA's social media platforms: FacebookTwitter, or YouTube.


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