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Home health physical therapy encompasses a wide range of services that PTs and PTAs provide in the home.

If you practice physical therapy in a home setting, we have resources to support you.

The APTA Home Health Section is specifically dedicated to those who share a common interest in the delivery of physical therapy in the home and other alternative settings within the community.

Home health care can be cost-efficient, convenient, and as effective as the care patients get in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Home health PTs and PTAs work one-on-one with patients in their own environment, making services completely relevant to the patient's needs and goals.

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Feb 1, 2020

We help you keep track of evolving payment policies for home health.

APTA Home Health Section

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Additional Home Health Physical Therapy Content

Final Home Health Rule Cements PDGM, Allows PTAs to Perform Maintenance Therapy

Nov 1, 2019 / News

What's in the final 2020 home health payment rule from CMS?

Purdue Pegboard Test (PPT)

Oct 1, 2019 / Article

The Purdue Pegboard Test (PPT) measures fingertip dexterity and gross movement coordination of the fingers, hands, and arms. It was first introduced by Joseph Tiffin in 1948 as a functional assessment screen for hand dexterity in applicants for assembly-line work.

Achieving Peak Bloom – Defining Moment

May 29, 2019 / Article

Cheryl Till, PT, discusses the joys of gardening and eldercare.

The Facts About Upcoming Changes in Home Health Payment

May 1, 2019 / Column

Here's what's true about the Patient-Driven Groupings Model-and what's not.

Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3 (SCAT3) and Child-SCAT3

Dec 8, 2015 / Article

Used to assess concussions in athletes who are aged 13 years or older.

Study: Home Is a Better Bet Than Hospitals for Achieving More PA Poststroke

May 22, 2018 / Review

There's no place like home for engaging in the levels of physical activity that can aid in recovery poststroke—at least compared with hospitals.

Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS), Movement Disorders Societ...

Dec 1, 2017 / Article

Used for patients diagnosed with idiopathic PD of any stage, according to the Hoehn and Yahr Staging Scale (H&Y).

Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) and Family Confusion Assessment Method (FAM-CAM)

Nov 10, 2016 / Article

Used for patients with suspected delirium.

Head Thrust Test (HTT)/Head-impulse Test (HIT) for Vestibular Hypofunction

Jun 23, 2015 / Article

Measures the head thrust test is used to identify individuals with hypofunction of the vestibulo-ocular reflex unilaterally and bilaterally.

Subgroups for Targeted Treatment (STarT) Back Tool

Jan 14, 2014 / Article

This is a 9-item measure used to identify subgroups of patients with low back pain in primary care settings based on various functional, psychosocial, and comorbid factors for subgrouping.