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  • From PT in Motion: Going 'Fixer Upper' on Your Clinic

    You have the right team, the right tools, and the right training to serve your patients. But is the clinical space you're offering making the most of those assets?

    This month's issue of PT in Motion magazine includes a feature article on how physical therapists (PTs) are rethinking the design of their clinics, from a University-sponsored overhaul of a 10,000-square-foot facility to an individual PT (and his brother) rehabbing an old tire store into a state-of-the-art space.

    "Physical Therapy By Design" explores the ways PTs have created patient-centered layouts that combine functionality with aesthetics to make their clinics welcoming and efficient. Sometimes working in partnership with architects, sometimes working alone, the PTs interviewed for the article have at least 1 thing in common: a willingness to question old assumptions about how a physical therapy clinic should look.

    The article includes examples of design changes both big and small—from moving walls to adding PT equipment baskets containing scissors, tape, goniometers, and the like at every bed. A second piece provides basic tips on what to think about when you begin considering a redesign.

    "Physical Therapy by Design" is featured in the October issue of PT in Motion and is open to all viewers—pass it along to nonmember colleagues to show them 1 of the benefits of belonging to APTA. Printed editions of the magazine are mailed to all members who have not opted out; digital versions are available online to members.