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  • What Does Professionalism Look Like? Hear What Your Fellow PTs Have to Say

    What constitutes "professionalism" in physical therapy? How does APTA define the term, and, more important, what does professionalism look like in actual physical therapist (PT) practice? How best can it be fostered in both new and veteran PTs?

    For the answers to those questions and for additional insights on this important subject, view a video roundtable discussion in which 3 PTs share their thoughts and observations. Jean Miles, PT, DPT, discusses her personal journey in professionalism from the 1970s to today. Laura Lee "Dolly" Swisher, PT, MDiv, PhD, who literally (co)wrote the book Professionalism in Physical Therapy, shares historic context and practical applications. Stacey Zeigler, PT, DPT, MS, GCS, outlines her university's comprehensive approach to instilling professionalism in DPT students.

    The moderator is Jody Frost, PT, DPT, PhD, lead academic affairs specialist at APTA, who facilitates a lively exploration of the subject.

    The video discussion, posted on YouTube, had its origins in “The Power of Professionalism,” the cover story in the upcoming September 2013 issue of PT in Motion magazine. Look for it on September 1 at www.apta.org/PTinMotion/. The article takes a comprehensive look at professionalism in physical therapy, quotes additional PTs who are not featured in the video discussion, looks specifically at the physical therapist assistant and professionalism, and lists an array of resources for additional information.